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Donation Return Policy

In accordance with section L7.0 (Acceptance and Refusal of Donations) of the Institute of Fundraising’s Code of Fundraising, Cat’s Guidance commits to using donations for general charitable purposes, even in the event that an appeal fails, in order to protect the best interests of the charity.


This policy should be read in conjunction with Cat’s Guidance Vulnerable Person’s Policy. Returning donations to people considered vulnerable by the Board of Trustees will be managed under that policy.



• The Donor – the individual who is making the donation, financial or otherwise, to Cat’s Guidance

• The Fundraiser – the individual who is raising funds in aid of Cat’s Guidance and requesting donations, either through events or personal requests, as a form of sponsorship towards a pledged fundraising amount.

• An Appeal – Cat’s Guidance classes the below as an “appeal”:

  • Emergency Appeals

  • Sponsored Challenge Events

  • Crowdfunding

  • Any other occurrence where an appeal for a particular purpose fails to raise sufficient funds to meet the stated target income.


  1. Donations will be used to further Cat’s Guidance’s charitable objectives. The Charity’s objectives are to promote such charitable purposes as the Board of Trustees determines in its’ Governing Document and Business Plan:


The objects of the CIO are, for the public benefit, to advance the welfare of and promote kindness to cats and to prevent and alleviate cruelty to cats. In order to further its’ objects, the CIO will in particular but not exclusively;


(1) promote the neutering of cats and where possible offer financial assistance for the same

(2) rescue and foster cats with a view to re-homing once appropriate veterinary care has been received

(3) ensure that all cats in foster care receive necessary veterinary treatment.

Cat’s Guidance shall operate in the Northwest of England primarily in the areas of Wigan and Bolton.


Cat’s Guidance values every single donation and it is because of this generosity that we are able to continue to help cats in need


1.2 If a donation is made to support Cat’s Guidance and the donation is not made to an appeal and/or there is no legal obligation for the charity to return a donation, the Trustees must determine whether there is a moral obligation for the charity to return the donation.


1.3 If a donation has been made to an appeal, and the appeal has failed, and the appeal literature makes it clear that in such circumstances funds will be used for the charity’s general purposes; the donor will not generally be entitled to a refund.


1.4 If the appeal literature has not specified this, the donor has the right to make a specific written request to reclaim their donation as specified in Section 65 of the Charities Act 2011. In this event, the request will be passed on to the Trustees who must then take certain steps to contact the donors who have made declarations.


1.5 If the appeal relates to a Sponsored Challenge Event and the donor requesting the return is not the fundraiser, Cat’s Guidance is required to inform the fundraiser of the request for return of donations.


1.6 If the donation made by a donor is the result of a fundraising event where multiple individuals have contributed to the total donation (eg. a bake sale), a return of donation cannot be considered unless applications from each individual donor are received.


1.7 If a donor wishes to apply for a donation return, they must write to the Trustees by email or letter outlining:

• Their name and contact details

• The date of donation(s)

• The total donation(s) amount

• Details of the origin of the donation – direct donation/fundraising from a community event

• The reason(s) for requesting a return of donation

• The name of the fundraiser who the donation was made towards (if applicable)

• Acknowledgment that processing fees will be deducted from their donation to avoid financial harm to the charity


1.8 If the Trustees decide that there is a moral case for the charity to return the donation, they must apply to the Charities Commission to make an ex gratia payment. This application will then be submitted to the Charities Commission and they will inform the donor of the decision and take appropriate action.


1.9 If a donation return request is successful, the return can only be made to the individual who made the donation. In the event that a successful request if for a donation outlined in Clause 1.6, a return of the equivalent value to the original donor will only be made to the original donor. The Charity will not return the donation to any account other than one registered with the donor. If you have any questions, concerns, requests, or comments about privacy, you can contact us by email at or via our Facebook messenger. Our Privacy Notice is available on our website




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