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Our Story

Cats Guidance Rescue was founded in October 2018 and is a not for profit registered charity where cats come first. We are a small group of passionate volunteers dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of cats and kittens in the Wigan and surrounding areas.

Our vision is that every cat dealt with by the charity is treated with kindness and is happy and safe.

We strongly believe that every cat deserves the chance to live and be loved. The care and welfare of cats is at the heart of everything we do, and we are open, honest and transparent in all our activities.


What do we do?


Providing we have foster space, we will take in any unwanted or abandoned cats, regardless of age or condition and where resources allow, we provide a front line service to those stray cats that require priority assistance. We will never, ever put an animal to sleep unless all options have been exhausted and the vets recommend such action is in the interest of the cat. We also try and help reunite lost cats with their owners by advertising missing cat details via social media and providing a scanning service (where volunteers are available.) Check out our Lost and Found site for more information.



We believe each and every one of our rescue cats is

destined for that perfect home! We operate on the

basis of matching the ‘right cat’ to the ‘right owner’

and therefore do not have a first come first serve

policy. Take a look at our adopt a cat page for more

information on our policy and procedures. We can also

assist with helping you re-home your cat, as part of our

home to home scheme. Please contact us for more

information on this.


Trap, Neuter & Return

Where resources allow, we operate trap, neuter,
return programmes targeting feral cats within our
local community, to help reduce the number of stray


Neutering is absolutely key in controlling the unwanted kitten population. We aim to educate the public on the benefits of neutering, in terms of population control, health and behaviour. Where possible we sometimes are able to provide financial assistance towards neutering. Take a look at our neutering page for more information. We also operate a TNR (trap, neuter, return) programme within our local community to help reduce the feral kitten population.

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